Wednesday, April 7, 2010

♪ MUSE....they set my SOUL ALIGHT ♬

On Monday Carissa and I had the chance to see MUSE in concert. Absolutely phenomenal! On my list of "Most amazing experiences that have happened to me so far -" This was definitely in my top 5. I've always loved their edgy, mysterious feel and it was incredibly surreal to experience it firsthand. Its like they temporarily ripped me away from my present state of cares and worries - and then transported me to another dimension where I was spellbound and mesmerized. Natural born entertainers at their finest! The best Christmas present ever! Thanks Mom & Dad!

"Time Is Running Out"
Funny story actually about this - last year, exactly around this time, I saw a clip on youtube of the audience helping out on the chorus of this song Live at Wembly Stadium. I was in Alaska and remember thinking -"Oh I would kill to be able to be a part of THAT! - maybe when I am in Utah..." Wow. I never would have thought! My dream came true! (I did the best I could with the camera :P) - pause the music player at the bottom of the page

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