Saturday, May 16, 2009

Insert catchy blog title here _____

You can tell I haven't updated this in a while. My creative writing juices are usually ever flowing, but I cant even think of a blog title *gasp*

So here is the story behind the balloon graffiti. I have gotten the same question over and over which goes something like: "Woah. wait. Did you DO that???" Depending on the person I totally play along and freak them out. But no, I do not find the art of vandalism acceptable in any way. Even for a picture with my adorable kid sister. Where I work, I run errands (running to MD offices, pick up supplies at the hospital) everyday around 3 ish. I was dropping off some paper work at one of my usual stops and I noticed, painted on the wall behind the Soldotna Key Bank parking lot was this heart shaped balloon. It must have been fairly new because I have taken that route daily for almost a year and never noticed it. I knew instantly that I had to take Carissa there and just have some fun. The residents of the creepy drug dealer apartments a few feet away were gawking at us and making us feel awkward...but we shook it off and just decided to have fun. So there is the story. I have integrity.

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