Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Own Worst Critic

My Photography confidence lately has had a huge blow. I don't really feel like explaining it....but its just a work in progress. I did some late senior pics for Brittany. Its so easy for me to listen to that little voice inside my head nagging at the list of things I did wrong...(too low of ISO, constantly blowing the highlights, wrong usage of f/ goes on) But amidst all this, I'm determined that I have come to far to let that sort of thinking cripple me. And the fear can be paralyzing. Wait. Let me clarify. Perfectionism is paralyzing. But I ended up taking this picture that despite the fact it was severely underexposed, it gave a great mood.

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The Sweet Life of Carissa said...

You are an amazing photographer annalise and i have no idea how many times you've been told that by others! I'm glad that you're starting to see how talented you really are!!!! I love ya!