Thursday, February 19, 2009

He Was a Skater Boy....DAD?!

My Dad is many things - I guess you could say a jack of all trades. But I was not prepared when I found a tattered piece of poster-board with old newspaper clippings from his HS days, hidden in my parent's bedroom corner. I had two inital reactions: #1 - "DAD??!! NO way!" and #2 "What are you doing keeping 30 year old newspaper articles in this condition??!!" He just shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something nonchalantly like "oh, that was so long big deal.." I'm sorry but seeing my Dad doing skater tricks, 70's hippie hair and shirtless is not "not a big deal" this is HUGE!
He told me the story behind it. I guess he had a photographer friend who was looking for a skater pics and saw my dad practice his moves in a nearby Arizona park and wanted him to pose for his article in the Tucson Daily Citizen

So I tried the best I could manage and scanned these clips and hope to expose the young Mike Arnold, and possibly embarrass him. Love you dad.

"He's Acrobat-y"
Things are not necessarily heads-up when Mike Arnold takes to his skateboard. Most boarders have trouble maintaining stability on their feet. Mike, a senior at Santa Rita High School, finds that style a bit old-fashioned. The scenes were shot at McKale Center at the University of Arizona.

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The Dorman Family said...

That is AWESOME! wow, who would ahve thought. LOL