Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sister Withdrawls!

Carissa will be happy to know that EVERYBODY asks about her, whether I am at church or even my work! "How is she doing?" "Is she having fun?" and of course they always say: "I bet you miss her!" Well, with total 100% honesty. no. I dont. (now just let me finish before you disown me, Carissa, if you are reading this) I think its a combination of several things: a) Her work caused her to rarely be at home b) and when she was home she was always chillin' with her homies instead of her awesome sister c)I was prepared that this time would come and finally d) I don't think it has really sunk in yet totally. It just feels like she's taken a 3 week shift at Whitter. But I figured for some fun, Carissa, and also because I believe that every cloud has a silver lining, I would look on the bright side of the situation and think of the good things have happened due to your absence.

1. I can locate all of my make-up now

2. I save 10 minutes of my morning get-ready-for-work routine by not having to search for my hair straightener

3. I no longer have 1:00 am calls asking "Are you still up? Cause I need you to tell mom and dad I'm gonna camp out at _____
(insert friend's name here)"

4. I don't have to hear the snapping/popping of your gum

5. I have absolutely no problems with being late to places

6. and here's one of my favorites: NO MORE COUNTRY MUSIC!!!!

7. and finally, (and I am being more sincere here..) I probably talk to you now more than ever, whether it be via facebook, skype, text, phone conversation....I miss you more than ever!!!! So you know, Carissa, that all of this is just my way of cheering my self up, cause I am so lost without you! (haha...I was listening to Chicago's "If you leave me now" yesterday while I was painting my room (well once your room, ha!)....and typically I would think of that as a romantic song, but I thought of YOU!!!!)


Benigna Marko said...
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The Sweet Life of Carissa said...

Oh Annalise! I totally started crying when i read this!! You have no idea how hard it is for me to be in a foreign place without you! The only thing that keeps me going is thinking that you'll be here next semester (NOT AS A ROOMMATE) so that we can have quality sister time. And as for the whole me not spending time with the family when i was home, I definitely regret it now! I wish more than anything right now that i could just sit at home and watch movies with you and hang out with the family! I miss all of you guys but definitely my best friend! Oh and i miss your hair straightener so much hahah. But as much as i miss your hair straightener....and you, this has been the best move i could've possibly made for myself! I'm seeing changes in myself that i never thought could be possible! Thank you for helping me realize that i needed to do this for myself!
I love you so much i don't think you'll ever be able to fully understand!
Oh and just and FYI....i got a wireless router tonight so i'll set it up and tomorrow i'll skype you so that you can see my room!!!! YAY! I Love you!

Nichole said...

yeah, sister withdrawal is hard. But keep looking at the positive. And post new pics, I love to see them!