Friday, January 30, 2009

Buyers Remorse? Highly Doubtful...

Alright. I am insane. I know it. Someone just please tell me already. In my previous blog I was talking about how psyched I was about getting my new telephoto lens...and then I mentioned that I desperately wanted another lens (the 50mm f/1.4)
but that one would need to wait for another time. Yeah, "another time" happened last night after a spending a good hour on one of my friend's page on Flickr (click here) These pics were all taken with this lens I caved in and bought last night. I am uber excited.....but after this, no MORE! (well I'd maybe buy a proper speedlight next... ;P ) but that is out of the question right now. I regret to say that I haven't taken any pics with the new beast of a lens I just got cause I really would feel more comfortable waiting for the UV filter (which prevents any dust or scratches) which should be here any day now from Amazon.

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Alaska Massey said...

Why didn't you go with the 1.8? It is quite a bit cheaper. ~Erik