Sunday, June 29, 2008

Amateur Ambitions

Studies have shown that discovering new hobbies is a healthy thing to promote well-adjustment in young adults. Being the health conscious nerd that I am, I decided to get digging and find some incognito talent. I finally think I found my niche. Photography. I checked out books, googled, and even asked some professionals to get some helpful advice. AND I FELL IN LOVE. With a camera. The dSLR Nikon D80. My ideal camera is the D300 which ranges anywhere between $1,800 – 2,000.00. That’s just not logical for an 8 to 5 receptionist. But the most valuable advice I have received from the experienced is that the value of photos doesn’t lie in the camera body – but in the lenses. Wide angle, telephoto, fish-eye, zoom, blah blah blah….. I think this is where “Digital Photography for Dummies “ kicks in. I’ve been stashing aside some savings for my big amazing buy and by next paycheck (a few days!!) I can. My hopes are to start this out as a hobby and turn it into a side business as my experience stacks up. I’ll be sure to post my first amateur photographs as soon as that day comes!

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Alaska Massey said...

Welcome to the blogging world and good luck getting the camera. I shot with a D80 and love it. You can see my stuff onAlaska Massey or my photo website that I don't update vey often. I have been really pleased with the camera and Nikon in general. They are a bit more expensive than canon but make up in quality. Here is a link to some of the lenses I have. Lens post Go with the 18-135mm kit lens if you can. An even better starter lens is the 18-200mm VR lens, unfortunately it is about $750. If you have any questions let me know.