Sunday, February 14, 2010

Out of boredom I was scrounging through a bag of Brach’s Sweethearts “The Official Candy of Love” (or so the packaging claims). Does anyone with taste buds actually eat these? I’ve always thought they were only good for decoration of sugar cookies, which are then picked off before eating. I guess they are also a source of entertainment. They always make me laugh. I think about 85% of the bag I wouldn’t say to another human being …haha, ok – maybe. I liked the “ASK ME” heart out of all of them. It was an instant flashback circa 2001, a little high school wallflower me. Years have flown since then but I still have a little place in my heart for that sweetheart…still a testament to a shy girl J Happy Valentines day, everyone!

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Adventures of Carissa said...

i said it earlier but i LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!