Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thanks for the Christmas present, Richard

Some things I have learned:

♥When I look for love in unlikely places, I usually find it.
♥Smiling at strangers really helps brighten my dull mood days.
♥I'm learning its not selfish, but very important for me to put myself first. When I take care of my own happiness and needs - that love and happiness pours over into the lives I come in contact with.
♥If I walk with my head just a little higher than usual, I can see the world better (literally and metaphorically)
♥I was venting to a wise co-worker a while back. I told her how I only believed I was beautiful when I looked in the bathroom mirror - but once I left the security of it I felt like this monstrous blob that everyone pretended to like. Due to this belief I would run to the bathroom multiple times throughout the day to check if I was still the same girl in the mirror. My co-worker set her paperwork down, took her glasses off and stared intensely at me. She said: "You are always going to be that monstrous blob until you see Annalise through God's eyes".

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