Monday, September 7, 2009

Laborious Day!

Labor day....oh, what a day...

So to sort of bring us up to speed - I've been in Utah for a little over a week, have been moved into the apartment a week from tomorrow, and I am in my second week of school.

Rachel had to work for a good chunk of the day, so I was left to figure out what to do with myself. As cheesy as it may sound, I have been reading this self-empowering book aimed at women which was recommended by Russelle. I love it. It is full of wonderful thoughts and ideas. One of the topics discussed was about how people (not just women) need to be more comfortable with the idea that its okay to be a self-entertaining person and not be afraid to go out and do fun things alone. Just yourself. Some people can't bear it. I guess I'm comfortable with that idea to an extent, but one suggestion was to go to a movie alone. That was a new one for me. So I decided to go out on an adventure and find the nearest movie theatre on foot. What was originally intended to be a mile and a half walk turned into 5 miles - ONE WAY! I got lost and all turned around, but by that point I had already had swollen feet and thought - "I've already come this far, I'm not about to give up and go home to an empty apartment and hours of nothing to do". Ultimately, "sticking it out" paid off and I made it to the movie right as the opening credits were rolling. I felt like a champion. I went to see "(500) Days of Summer". It was a Sundance Festival film which never made it to Alaska and was only playing in select theaters down in the states. I saw it advertised months ago and it looked like my sort of movie - in a non-chick flicky, indie film way. I really liked it. Plus, I've always loved Joseph Gordon Levitt. And surprisingly enough I loved sitting in that theatre all by myself. Half-way through the movie though I got this strong wave of thirst hit me hard due to the non stop walking and 85 degree weather. As soon as movie was over I dashed to the concession stands and got the largest Icee I could possibly buy. It tasted like absolute heaven. I sipped that sucker down in about the first 2 minutes of my walk, and then at my half-way marker of making it home, I stopped off at 7-11 and got another one. My feet still throb. Same with my head. Oh! and something else comical...I have a drastic sunburn in the shape of the scooped neckline of my tee-shirt - and to make it worse, the outline of the necklace I was wearing is traced onto my skin. Its actually quite hilarious. Hooray for spur of the moment thrills to explore - I've got my fill for a while :P

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