Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh, the Weather outside is FRIGHTFUL!!!

MAN! Its days like these I pray for the strength to NOT strangle my Dad for making the fool decision to settle in ALASKA! (Okay....not strangle, but you get the idea) Today was -30 in Sterling. Driving to work at 6:30 am was a joy (hear the sarcasm?) My defrost decided to take a vacation along with my best buddy, the heat button. But you see, I am unique. Everyone has to scrape the outside of their windshield to hurry along the defrost process, but I have to also take my scraper and scratch away 1/4 inch of ice INSIDE my windshield. And along with every other window which will improve my on road vision. My drive into work is roughly 20 minutes (add an extra ten on icy roads) and the entire trip - with my eskimo hood, insulate gloves, wool scarf and my toasty Ugg boots - my entire body was shaking so hard, it was all I could do to keep the steering wheel steady. Has anyone experienced cold so bitter that their body just naturally goes into nausea/throw-up mode? Sorry. its gross, but I came real close several times and I was wondering if I'm just an exception. I guess I could go on and on about the cruelty which has been dished to me by mother nature, but instead I'll switch gears and show the beauty of it all.....if I could only capture the weather in a picture and send it YOUR way!!!!

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