Sunday, September 7, 2008

Time OUT!

This week was incredible! For those who are not of the LDS faith and are reading this - this week the women of the church had an awesome opportunity to drive up to Anchorage and attend what is called "Time Out for Women". It was a two day conference where we could come together as women and take time to strengthen ourselves spiritually. We had amazing speakers who made us laugh and cry. I think my favorite talk was by Sheri Dew who has served in many church leadership positions and is CEO of Deseret Book co. I bought one of her books entitled "No One Can Take Your Place".

She spoke about how powerful of an influence each one of us can have on the world. We are often tricked by reading headlines on magazines at the checkout stands such as "100 of the Worlds most Powerful women" - and upon opening it we find merely actresses, pop stars and corporate millionaires. She told us how much we as women, who truely go about doing good and serve others have much more power than we give ourselves credit for.

Hilary Weeks, an amazing singer sang all throughout the conference. She makes such beautiful music. I had a chance to talk to her before the begining of fridays meeting, she is very down to earth. She's also pretty awesome cause she's an Alaska native. But the best part about TOFW was that I was able to spend some quality time with Mom and Carissa - its definately gets harder to find the time. I was also able to spend time with Rachel, Rita, Robin, was a great reunion!

The Theme for this year's TOFW was "A Joyful life - Acts 2:28"

The "book store" featuring the speakers books and Hilary Weeks music

Carissa, Mom, Ardeth Kapp, and Robin

Rachel & Rita (Darn it Rita - I couldn't get you to stop talking :P )

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Nichole said...

How fun! What a great thing to have memories of! And aren't you just so cute? LOVE IT!